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Portuguese Courses for Foreigners

Our aim is total comprehension and communication in Brazilian Portuguese.

We want to make our students feel comfortable, and for this reason, we have got straightforward courses, which we call tailor made.

At Interlingua, we support our students based on state of art methodologies. We have been teaching for over 40 years through an astonishingly easy methodology and our foreign students are from all over the world.

Our classes are in and out of the classroom. Why not get started at a bakery and order a “cafezinho” (espresso coffee) and then we come up with expressions, such as, “Pois não” (May I help you?) that you are going to hear in a Mall, for example, and so on.

In class we use videos, songs, newspapers, magazines, websites and our high quality material that for sure will make the difference preparing our students for fluent communication in the language.

We offer immersion and regular courses - in case we have more than two students in the group.

Our material is based on grammar, writing, listening, reading comprehension and dialogues; all selected according to our students’ different levels.

We offer texts and audios (Brazilian songs and videos, such as cartoons, news or movies).

We praise the culture and customs of our country that are important to be introduced to our students.

Our teachers are highly prepared and have the necessary expertise to work with the Communicative Approach.

Para maiores informações, favor entrar em contato através do nosso telefone.

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